New Mexico Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Are you the child or relative of a senior citizen that has been the victim of abuse or neglect in a New Mexico nursing home?

Your trust has been betrayed. You have the right to take action on behalf of your loved one. At the law firm of Robins Cloud LLP, our attorneys will work with you to pursue maximum compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering and any other costs.

We Are Committed to Achieving Positive Results

Abuse in New Mexico Nursing HomesPeople turn to our attorneys in cases involving physical, emotional or sexual abuse of nursing home residents in New Mexico. We can handle cases involving personal injury or wrongful death caused by negligence. When our lawyers take these cases, we take them with every intention of getting the best possible results. We know how to put our knowledge to work to see that you get the results you need.

Nursing Home abuse in New Mexico comes in many different forms. Our qualified and experienced lawyers take on neglect and abuse cases involving Medicaid-funded and all other nursing homes, including:

  • Medication Overdose and Other Medication Errors
  • Malnutrition and Dehydration
  • Bed Sores
  • Broken Bones Caused by Preventable Falls
  • Infections
  • Physical Abuse
  • Exploitation
  • Negligent Care
  • Sexual Abuse

We believe that nursing facilities in New Mexico must be held responsible when they fail to provide proper care to their residents. We believe in taking action.

We Guide. You Direct. We Take Action.

In 2013, we were recognized by a prestigious publication, The National Law Journal, as having one of the “The Top 100 Verdicts of 2013.” This honor was given for the significant verdict we achieved for our New Mexico client who was killed when a tanker-trailer hit his car. We fought and ultimately won the case, proving that the truck driver had not been properly trained, that maintenance records on the truck were not properly kept and that the driver was fatigued.

We're a nationally recognized as a firm that is skilled at handling difficult mesothelioma cases. Our clients include not only the men and women who were exposed to asbestos from traditional workplace exposures, such as on construction sites, but the many mesothelioma victims who suffered as a result of rare exposures: a dentist who made gold dental crowns, a copy machine repairman and a gentleman who worked in a pencil factory making erasers.

A Strong Record of Success

In case after case, we have obtained fair compensation for victims of negligence that come to us. In fact, our attorneys’ willingness to take on unique, challenging cases and emerge victorious has been well documented in press outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg News, Fortune Magazine and more.

E-mail us or call us at 1 (888) 888-6428 to learn more about the difference a caring lawyer can make in your personal injury or wrongful death case.

A Growing Problem

Americans are living longer now than ever before, and our nation’s elderly population is growing faster than any other age group. While this means we’re privileged enough to have more time with our aging loved ones, it also adds up to a greater number of people in need of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and in-home caregivers. That need also leaves an increasing number of people vulnerable to abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to be taking care of them.

The National Center on Elder Abuse notes approximately 10 percent of the population will experience some form of abuse during their later years with those numbers increasing drastically for victims of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. The NCEA also admits these figures could be a bit misleading because only a fraction of such crimes are ever revealed to the public. Though our elderly loved ones are among the most vulnerable members of society where abuse is concerned, they’re also the least likely to report being mistreated.

Some are afraid to speak out about being mistreated whereas others are too embarrassed to tell their stories. In some cases, they aren’t physically or mentally able to express what’s happening to them. Our New Mexico nursing home abuse lawyers are ready and fully capable of speaking on their behalf to right the wrongs they’ve experienced.

How Do I Know if My Loved One is Being Mistreated?

Even in cases where your loved one can’t or won’t talk about negative experiences with caregivers, certain telltale signs may be present. If your loved one begins to jump or cringe at loud noises and sudden movements when he or she never did so before, this could be a clear indication of physical, mental or sexual abuse. Sudden symptoms of anxiety, like rocking back and forth or mumbling to themselves, may also be a sign of mistreatment. Unexplained bruises and torn or bloody clothing are common among victims as well. Some other warning signs to watch for would be:

These are only a few of the problems our Albuquerque and Santa Fe Nursing Homes abuse lawyers have seen. If, at any time, you believe your loved one is being mistreated by a caregiver, contact us. Our legal team is well-versed in the many types of misconduct our elderly citizens may endure, and we know the warning signs to be aware of. We also have an extensive legal network and numerous resources on our side when it comes to investigating cases like these. We may be able to access records the general public can’t in order to strengthen your case.

Let Us Help You and Your Loved One

We firmly believe in protecting our senior citizens, and this is especially true of those who are being harmed at the hands of those responsible for their care. Abusers tend to try to simply explain away the typical warning signs or cover them up in some way. Long-term care facilities even have legal teams on their side in anticipation of abuse allegations. Don’t try to fight them alone; let us stand with you in court.

More than two million cases of nursing home abuse are reported in the United States every year, and millions more undoubtedly go unnoticed. Don’t let your loved one become part of the statistics in a New Mexico nursing home. Be mindful of the warning signs, keep a close watch on your loved one’s physical and emotional well-being, and be sure to regularly check his or her finances for discrepancies. At even the slightest indication of mistreatment, contact us, and let us help bring an end to the wrongdoing.

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