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We’re living in a unique point in time. The world’s a bigger and busier place than ever before, and it’s constantly changing. At the same time, keeping up with all the growth, new developments, and continually shifting momentum is easier than ever because we’ve got the entire world at our fingertips courtesy of the Internet. This point in history has been named the digital age, and it’s the reason you’re able to learn about Robins Cloud LLP from your home, office, or through your smartphone on your way to work.
Like all our clients, you’ve become savvy in the new ways of the world. You’ve learned using the tools at your disposal to conduct research is the key to making a well-informed decision no matter what you may be looking for. Of course, having this option has also created a bit of confusion in the legal realm as well as most other genres of public interest.

Searching for Just the Right Law Firm

You’ve probably found some conflicting information during your online due diligence. Some sources insist you should be on the lookout for a large, national law firm to handle your personal injury case. Establishments like these usually seek out highly-honored graduates of the nation’s top-ranking law schools for their teams. Attorneys employed by these types of firms can offer extensive knowledge of the law and considerable experience in working with clients of all sizes facing a wide range of legal dilemmas.
Those sizable firms are also notorious for carrying enormous case loads. They have little time to devote personal attention to each client, and they often have a tendency to place small-scale clients on the back burners so they can cater to more high-profile matters. When it comes to fees, they’ve also developed a reputation for expecting clients to pay dearly for their services.
Small, local firms, on the other hand, are more well-known for individualized service and focusing on the needs of each client on a one-on-one basis. Their specific knowledge of regional law is often invaluable to clients when it comes to building a strong defense. Attorneys working with smaller practices are also typically more driven by achieving positive results for their clients. From an attorney’s standpoint, matters become more personal when you’re dealing with local clients, and your reputation is far more likely to speak for itself.
All this leads to the question attorneys have been hearing since the need for legal representation first arose. It’s one we hear almost every day: “Why should I choose you to handle my case?”

We Guide. You Direct. We Take Action.

In 2013, we were recognized by a prestigious publication, The National Law Journal, as having one of the “The Top 100 Verdicts of 2013.” This honor was given for the significant verdict we achieved for our New Mexico client who was killed when a tanker-trailer hit his car. We fought and ultimately won the case, proving that the truck driver had not been properly trained, that maintenance records on the truck were not properly kept and that the driver was fatigued.

We're a nationally recognized as a firm that is skilled at handling difficult mesothelioma cases. Our clients include not only the men and women who were exposed to asbestos from traditional workplace exposures, such as on construction sites, but the many mesothelioma victims who suffered as a result of rare exposures: a dentist who made gold dental crowns, a copy machine repairman and a gentleman who worked in a pencil factory making erasers.

The Robins Cloud LLP Difference

At Robins Cloud LLP, all our attorneys come from large firms, which means they’ve all met the prerequisites to which firms like those hold every member of their legal teams. Working in the more large-scale environments has given us the widespread experience and far-reaching knowledge needed to successfully represent clients. We’ve also developed the tenacity and aggressive approach necessary when staring down major corporations and high-powered legal teams in the courtroom.

Another element all our New Mexico personal injury attorneys have in common is their desire to provide clients a level of dedication above and beyond that of large firms. We grew tired of the cold, calculated nature of representation found in large firms. We all came together with the mutual purpose of combining our education, experience, and perseverance gained in the world of big law with the personal devotion to each client only found in small-town firms. That’s what sets us apart from the rest.

We’re Dedicated to Getting Results for You

When you choose our team of New Mexico personal injury lawyers, you don’t have to sacrifice a personal level of service in order to get experienced representation or vice versa. We proudly bring you the best of both worlds in our unique plan of attack. Our track record speaks for itself, and our strategy has proven effective many times over.

By keeping our workload small, we’re able to dedicate all our knowledge and resources to personal injury victims and those dealing with wrongful deaths of loved ones. We’re a formidable opponent in the courtroom, and we’re here with one common mission: getting our clients the compensation they deserve. Bring us your case, and let us go to court with you to fight those responsible for your injuries.

We’re driven by righting the wrongs our clients are dealing with, and we’ve built our reputation on successful representation. We offer big firm zeal and experience with the personal touch of a small firm. Consultations are free, and there’s no fee unless we win your case.

Call us at 1 (844) 904-6696, or email us, to find out what we can do for you and experience the Robins Cloud LLP difference for yourself.

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